OpenBroadcaster enables authorized community and audience members to use accessible LIVE Assist touch screen tools to manage local programming on any internet connection controlling multiple "channel in a box" broadcast transmitters and streams. Local audience customizes formats, generates dynamic audio and video playlists and selects theme based multimedia segments. Built on Open source for stability and legendary security on a scalable multi platform broadcast solution.

Community web based automation system to manage radio, television, digital signage and cable tv channels.  Media asset management solution for broadcast streaming exchanges dynamic user-generated content and schedules between remote on-air Radio and TV transmitters.

Receives Pelmorex™ National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System feeds adhering to the Common Alerting Protocol for unattended Broadcast Intrusive messaging.  Complies with CRTC requirements to fully participate in Canada’s National Public Alerting System.  Authorized users may also upload digitized broadcast intrusive emergency audio and visual messages via the Internet without the need of having personnel in the control room.  

Download our Pelmorex CAP Alerting Brochure

Mandatory paid subscription, unlock codes or dongles NOT required for full operation. OpenBroadcaster is free to use; for experimenters, community, the curious... even in commercial applications under AGPL3 Open Source licence.














Feature Summary

Simple to understand Web based community management "Point and Click" operation

  Manage Radio, TV, CATV and Signage players in different time zones and locations

Broadcast mixed media formats using familiar tools and workflow  

Media Library automatically imports ID3 tags with batch metadata editor

Customized Permissions Matrix and user role management

Smart Dynamic Playlists, Drag and Drop Intelligent Scheduler

Accessible WCAG2.0 Touch Screen HTML 5 Mobile Interface supports screen readers

Internationalization supports 30+ different languages

Mapping - Displays CAP Emergency Alerts and Station Status

Mapping Module

Alert Player Dashboard with CAP-CP Visual Alerts

CAP-CP Overlay on Visual












Video Webinar - Basic Operation